Our Story

High Spirit Guitars was started by Connor Kelly with the intention of combining his love of art, music, and design. After graduating from studying music and art at San Diego State University he began building and designing guitars. Through this natural process and also with the goal of visually trying to achieve a classic look of the guitars of the golden era he has produced some new refreshing guitars that aren't too far from the classics we all love.

Custom Hardware

Description: As a one-man operation, I take pride in designing parts for my instrument that gives them a unique aesthetic, and superior performance. Look for our short tailpiece on our smaller signature models!

Unique Pick Guard Design

Description: Look for our unique pickguard design on our smaller models. The double pickguard's unique shape is a signature of our brand, and also universal on a few of our models. If you decide to buy multiple models with the angular pickguard design they will be interchangeable.


Description: Look for our logo on our classic bolt-on necks with our signature raptor headstock.